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About Family Choice Health Network

For over 20 years, Family Choice Health Network has worked to serve the residents of Orange County. From our long history of collaboration, we are able to provide a variety of care from outpatient and inpatient services to assistance with social issues. We are well experienced in being united and working together – we work to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

Founded in 1995, Family Choice Health Network has created one of the largest groups of Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) in Orange County. Family Choice Health Network has a vast selection of services, from physical therapy, social services, and radiology to dermatology, cardiology, and pediatric services. With Family Choice Health Network, you are covered from A-Z in your health care needs. And since we have such a large group of PCPs, you can choose the right doctor for your specific needs. For over 20 years, Family Choice Health Network has lived up to its mission, treating its patients with dignity and respect and proving top tier education on the management and provision of your health.

Family Choice Health Network
7631 Wyoming Street, Suite 201
Westminster, CA 92683